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So Let’s Integrate and Automate with our Campaign Marketing Service

What we can do:

  • Organize your list and manage your campaigns
  • Schedule your campaigns to keep your audience on track.
  • Schedule/Design up┬áto 5 campaigns.
  • Convert your campaigns to your blog post
  • Integrate your form to your website
  • Create a pop-up or form link from your mailing list
  • Integrate exit pop-up to decrease abandon rate
  • FREE funnel to track the impression accurately

All for $279 including GST

Plus FREE 1 AWESOME Landing Page

Do you have a lot of campaigns and need extra help? Hire us for only $20/hour

Why We Should Care? Does email marketing really important?

Boost your traffic - Get up to 30% increase of visitors

Let your visitors share your pages whether they are using desktop, tablet, mobile or any hand-held devices. With integrated share buttons, you can spread the words and let them speak with your product or services.

Track Your Statistics with A/B testing feature

Learn what opt-in show great conversation rate.

Decrease the abandon rate using exit pop-up

With the help of exit pop-up, we can help you decrease the abandon rate.